Installation of electrical networks in Ibiza

At Eléctrica Pitiusas SL we are specialists in the installation of electrical networks in Ibiza. We put at your disposal a wide variety of services in electrification projects anywhere on the island. Tell us what you have in mind and our experts will get to work, come to the place and carry out a detailed study based on the information provided, and finally they will propose a budget according to your requests.

Experts in the installation of electrical networks in Ibiza

Eléctrica Pitiusas SL is a very important company in the Pitiusas Islands. Since our inception we have been offering a wide variety of electrical network installation services of all kinds. When you give us your trust, we promise to complete your project in the best way possible. We are specialists in installations for homes, buildings, public lighting, medium and low voltage transmission lines, etc.

Definitely, the work that Eléctrica Pitiusas SL offers you  is a true comprehensive service. Our qualified team will always be attentive to offer you a direct and personalized treatment, proposing the most effective solutions. All our works have a guarantee and solvency, and based on these values we invite you to allow us to illuminate your home, your commercial premises, leisure places, etc. let us contribute to your quality of life.

Team of fully committed professionals

One of the great pillars of our company Eléctrica Pitiusas SL is undoubtedly the human team. The only way we have managed to position ourselves as one of the largest companies in the sector has been thanks to our team of experts. Without them it is practically impossible to stay competitive, adapting and facing new challenges.

Our team is made up of more than 50 permanent employees, including laborers, engineers, salesmen, construction managers, draftsmen, among others. We also have more than 60 temporary employees, all trained to meet the demands of our clients.