Electrical works in Ibiza

Eléctrica Pitiusas SL is proud to carry out the most demanding electrical work in Ibiza. Our conviction and dedication have allowed us to help our environment develop in the best way. Since our foundation we have dedicated ourselves to carrying out work that has contributed to the progress of the islands. As a company, this encourages us to keep offering the best quality services.

Electrical work in Ibiza made by specialists

For more than three decades, Eléctrica Pitiusas SL has greatly influenced the growth and development of our community. We have been responsible for carrying out projects of all kinds of magnitude in different places on the island of Ibiza. Among our main works, we highlight electrical works in places of great relevance such as the 5-star hotel Aguas de Ibiza, the San Jordi Day Center, the Plaza España San Antonio Parking, and the Palacio de Congresos, among others. 

In addition to these great works, we have also carried out an infinity of works of different sizes, always leaving our unmistakable quality stamp. During all these years we have built a reputation that our clients recognize today. In this way we have managed to become undisputed leaders in the sector.

We carry out all kinds of electrical and plumbing work

As you have seen, our company is dedicated to offering comprehensive services to all its clients, from small jobs to authentic public works. No matter what type of project you need to complete, tell us your requirements and in a short time we will propose the best way to carry it out.

Among some of our most requested jobs we can mention:

  • Installation in public and private buildings.
  • Electrical works in hotels.
  • Electrification of leisure venues.
  • Installation of transformers.
  • Low and medium voltage electrical networks.

In addition to our reputation as electrical specialists, we have also succeeded in incorporating expert plumbers into our work team. So we also offer plumbing work in Ibiza.