Electrical installation company in Ibiza

We are Eléctrica Pitiusas SL, an electrical installation company in Ibiza, in the Pitiusas Islands . We have extensive experience in the sector, being recognized as one of the leading companies in the area. Since our founding, we have remained focused on providing the best quality service, while we pride ourselves on being considered a company that makes significant contributions to the community.

Electrical installation company in Ibiza with a long history

Eléctrica Pitiusas SL was founded in 1985. Since then we have been concerned with being a company that gives the utmost importance to the satisfaction of its customers. We have remained at the forefront, always seeking to stand out by offering services adapted to advances and new demands and concerns that arise in our clients with each technological innovation.

We are focused on being a modern company, adapted to the 21st century. That is why when you place your trust in our team, the results are always as desired. Another of the most important reasons for having won the recognition that we have today has to do with the preparation of our work team, made up of authentic professionals willing to get involved in each project.

Our goal is to provide efficient solutions

The commitment of our qualified team has kept us in constant evolution. In this way we have been able to provide a very good quality service. Especially because we carry out exhaustive studies of each case, in this way we can propose truly efficient solutions and in the shortest possible time.

Mentioning that we are a leading company in this sector is not a simple invitation to choose us, it is also a commitment that keeps us inspired to deliver the best of ourselves. Only in this way is it possible to deliver the client jobs that meet their expectations.